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Darren Sheean

Credit Analyst

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Business Development Manager

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Customer Support Officer

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Marley Brown

Office Manager

The Finance Stand

At The Finance Stand, we are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals by providing expert advice and tailored solutions. Our team holds extensive experience and knowledge and has a deep understanding of the finance industry along with a genuine passion for helping clients succeed. We believe in a client-centred approach and make it our mission to understand each of our client’s individual financial needs and aspirations. 

The Finance Stand has access to a wide range of financial products and services. We are confident that we can help find the right financing option to meet our client’s goals. Whether you are looking to purchase a new home, parcel of land, refinance your current debt or grow your business, we are here to provide the support and expertise required.

Empowering Females in our industry.

The people that make up The Finance Stand have a long history in the finance industry, and in particular, in the mortgage broking industry. The mortgage broking industry suffers from an extreme underrepresentation of women in the role as mortgage brokers. This has a variety of causes, including historical issues, and the level of support that employers are prepared to give women to undertake roles in the industry.

It is our view at TFS that the disparity of representation between men and women in the industry needs to be urgently addressed, both for the sake of women who want to succeed and have long and valued careers as mortgage brokers, but also for people who want to seek services from women mortgage brokers and who are currently deprived of that possibility.

Only just over 25% of mortgage brokers in Australia are women and of more concern, year on year, the number is only getting lower.

As a consequence of above and in line with TFS’ values, TFS has adopted a policy of principally employing women as mortgage brokers to attempt to contribute to a remediation in the mortgage broking industry. TFS is striving for women to have greater opportunity and to be able to have long lasting careers as mortgage brokers. We at TFS are implementing this policy to play our part in that goal.

Our Services

Property and Land Development

We have a clear understanding of complex deals from land subdivision through to multi-unit developments with complex borrowing structure to make your next project a reality.

We know the importance of getting the project off the ground as soon as possible to maximise your return. We are able to do provide solutions with traditional lenders through to our own private funding lines, with options of 1stand 2nd Mortgages available.

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Commercial Property Purchases

We can assist with purchasing commercial premises under a company structure or Self-Managed Super Fund(SMSF). It is a great way to diversify your current property portfolio or just simply to operate your business from your own premises.

Unlike residential lending, there isn’t a standard credit criteria for business lending. Each lender has a different risk appetite for different commercial assets. We can take you through the various options.

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Medical Finance

We understand there is a balance between business and personal finance. Medical practitioners juggle between having enough funds to balance their cashflow and still ensuring they can buy residential property to build their wealth at the same time.

As a medical professional many lenders have preferential policies to cater for their business lending and favourable personal lending products. Take advantage of knowing you have sufficient funds to grow your business and personal wealth.

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Self Employed Applications

We know how to prepare lending for sole traders all the way to companies with complex trust structures to assist with commercial funding to grow their business or simply buy their own home.

Many self-employed clients are unsure of where they stand with lending to grow their personal wealth or their business. We can peruse financials to guide clients on their capabilities to grow their wealth like everyone else.

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Alt-Doc / Low-Doc

We take the time to understandyour financial needs to fit with your currentlife circumstances. We know business financials are not always available allyear round that reflects your current financial position.

We can help you get into your next purchase so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy your family home, commercial or residential investment property and continue to grow your asset position.

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Investors (Generational Wealth)

We take a deep dive into your current situation and prepare you for your future potential property purchase. We believe in generational wealth for our clients today and tomorrow.

This is not always straightforward. Many clients cannot see the future potential in their current property portfolio to get to their next property. We can help you realise the potential of your hard-earned equity.

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Big and Small

We work with all the major lenders, as well as the smaller more niche lenders.

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